Founded in 2001, Hisyntech Corporation Ltd. is a prosperous young company, but we believe we will become a exellent, reliable company through building trust in our people and our customers.

Through the working of our professional persons who has decades* experiences in production & logistics, we are able to provide the best goods and services to our customer in the field of Fine chemicals, Peptide agents, Intermediates as well as API'S.

By the support of our partner, we become the leading company in Pyridines, Pyrimidines, as well as peptide coupling and protecting agents.

Custom synthesis:
We have our own technical expertise to support the customer from Molecular study to supplying several kgs & several hundred kgs goods.

Aim: Supply high quality product and service with reasonable price

Product list:
1) Pharmaceutical Intermediates
2) Imaging & Electronic chemicals
3) Peptide Protecting & Coupling Agents
4) Protected Amino Acid and Chiral Chemicals
5) Pyridine series / Pyrimidine series
6) Customer Synthesis
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